The Electrician’s Guide to the 17th Edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations BS 7671:2011 and Part P of the Building Regulations, 3rd ed (978-0953788576)


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For an astonishing 30 years John Whitfield s Electrician’s Guide to the IEE Wiring Regulations has been a bestseller amongst electricians including students, installers and designers. The Guide is in fact a brand. This new book covers Amendment 2011 of BS 7671 which became effective January 2012 and, of course, the main Regulations. Amendment 2011 deals with new fuse standards, protection against electric shock, surge protection devices etc. It is a requirement with which all electricians must comply. The author has helpfully included relevant details from other IET publications which may have been overlooked but yet are useful to electricians in practice. These comprise the eight Guides to electrical installations, Wiring Matters and the On-site Guide. Furthermore this new Guide takes into account the advent of the internet and the information freely available online, giving cost-saving tips to electricians wherever possible. All in all, only one book is needed to summarise all the relevant details from the many publications available! It focuses entirely on what electricians really need in practice, with respect to the Regulations. No legal jargon, no unnecessary details. Electricians can find out easily what the applicable regulations are when undertaking a specific task and vice versa. Compliance is assured. It is presented as lay-flat book to facilitate reading on the job.

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